Notion Product Success Roadmap

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Does putting your new template out in the market sound like a gamble? Well it doesn’t have to be!

Ideas? Tick. Consistency? Tick. Sales? Maybe.

But does your template get your closer to your goals?

You might say it’s all for the financial freedom and passive income. But really, how do you measure the success of your template? How can your product ideas get you closer to your goals without wasting hours chipping away to make the “perfect product” on Gumroad?

This Product Success Roadmap is going to save you from multiple headaches. Here’s how:

  1. Make templates for a reason

No more mindless designing, or making another “second brain” that no one asks for (really). By identifying your end goal first, every template serves a purpose and acts as a gateway towards your success.

  1. Why” first, “how” second

You won’t ever need to “retro-fit” your template features anymore. Knowing the purpose of your design helps build a clear picture of how your template is going to work, as well as understanding whether your ideas are worth pursuing.

  1. Stand out with the least amount of effort

Save yourself some headache and time investing in one single idea. With the toolkit consisted of various evaluation models, you can understand whether your idea stands a chance of surviving amongst the many templates out there, and play upon the advantages that makes yours unique.

  1. Focus on what matters

With the RICE Matrix, you can prioritise your many product ideas and focus on ones that are worth your effort and have confidence in with having a great success. Say no to burnouts.

  1. Ride on a high, while learn from the lows

Whether or not your template launch has been successful, you can always learn from each one. No one product idea is perfect and that’s okay. Opportunities are limitless and seek room for growth as you close the gap between your current and desired states.

This Roadmap is going to alleviate your product ideation and design process by leading with intentions. Take control of your creative journey while economising your template ideas by making sure that they are going to work in this “saturated” market.

Create your products with confidence by grabbing a copy of Product Positioning Roadmap today!

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Notion Product Success Roadmap

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